Your business requirements drive your IT needs. Trimm Network's соnѕultаnt tеаm wіll take the time to undеrѕtаnd these requirements. Leveraging your knowledge of your operations and our experience we will dеѕіgn, buіld and maintain your IT іnfrаѕtruсturе to keep уоur buѕіnеѕѕ running ѕmооthlу аѕ it grows. We love tackling these and many more technologies so that you don't have to:

Active Directory Services
Windows Server
VMWare vSphere
Exchange Server
Office 365
MS SQL Server
MYSQL Server
Cisco Router / Switch
Extreme Networks Switch / WiFi
Sonicwall T and NSA Series Appliances

Cost Management

Your business needs every dollar it can to pay those that are producing, invest into future growth, and return revenue to its owners. It is all too easy when relying on an IT firm to simply take their word that your business needs this widget or requires the latest thingamajig. At Trimm Networks we value your reliance on us and our expertise so we always provide our clients with easy to understand explanations and real information regarding the IT needs of the business. We want to manage your IT, part of that is ensuring you always understand the reasons for your expenditures.

We want to help you maximize your investment and growth. We want to sit across your conference room table in 10 years and see the same satisfaction and confidence in us that our existing clients know. Your success is our success and our commitment in managing your business IT.


Your Information Security is something we take extremely seriously at Trimm Networks. You've seen the news about this "ransomware" attack, or that breach of a large organizations network. Not only do these events cost the companies significantly in revenue they reflect negatively on the organizations for years to come.

The tragic reality of most of these breaches is this: they were easily preventable. The vast majority of breaches are of individual systems on business networks through poorly configured security appliances, improperly configured or maintained servers and desktops, and lackadaisical password management protocols.

We specialize in ensuring that our clients are always patched, security appliances are properly configured, password management is taken seriously (especially on privileged accounts) and your staff is trained on secure computing.


Your do not need to shoulder your business's compliance issues alone. We have over 10 years of experience implementing regulatory compliance controls mandated in HIPPA / HITECH / SB300 for healthcare organizations. Need help with your SRA? They are full of open ended questions making it difficult to determine if you are complying with the respective legislative section. Do you meet the Safe Harbor standards? If you are not clear on "Safe Harbor" you need to be. We explain it all here.

We can also assist with other regulatory specifications such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI-DSS. We enjoy simplifying these often confusing protocols for client and helping them get on the road to compliance. Give us a call and get ready to sleep soundly knowing that you are in good hands.


Your business needs differ from every other business. Do you really need an expensive PBX and Voice Mail system in your office? Those businesses that do need on premise phone systems may need redundant PBX systems and multiple paths to their SIP provider or simply a single small office PBX, Voice Mail unit and copper lines.

Regardless of scope, on premise or in the cloud, we can help guide you in making these often expensive and long term decisions. We have experience with most of the big names in telecommunications (Panasonic, Avaya, Altigen, Shoretel, NEC, etc) as well as expertise in handling everything from POTS, POTS delivered over IP, to SIP trunks with BGP gateways.

Process Optimization

You work hard to maximize productivity. You work hard to keep every aspect of your business running efficiently. If you need assistance optimizing processes that leverage technology Trimm Networks is well versed in analyzing workflow. Be it through old habits or lack of education about the tools being used your staff may be taking the long way around to accomplish daily tasks. We take a hard analytical look at what the task goals are, the processes being used, the tools available, and draw up streamlined processes to improve productivity. We love helping our clients make the most out of the investment in technology and most importantly, their precious time.

Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs predictable while maximizing productivity,
avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively or make a plan for business continuity, at
Trimm Networks we are always at your service.